Tim Iliffe Archive

In my mind there are many rooms
I have been an artist for 45 years and in June 2015 I was granted Arts Council funding for research and development into the creation of a major installation: Air Wind and Fire. That work will portrayed my life with mental illness over the last 25 years, showing my mental state, revealing the highs and lows, the side effects of prescription drugs and my slow recovery since moving to Wales 18 years ago.

During this R&D phase from August to November 2015,  I kept a mind diary – In My Mind There Are Many Rooms – visually displaying my mind state on each day for 100 days. The images had to conform to the following rules:

  • They would be 400mm  by 900mm maximum
  • They would take no longer than an hour to create
  • They would  be on a continuous roll of paper
  • No image would be altered or deleted from the final work and would, like a film, show small glimpses of my artistic life over the 100 days

You can watch a slideshow of the all the work in the order it was created by clicking on the slideshows for each month in sequence

Collateral Damage

Mind The Gap